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I'm Ravyn Reid.

Empowerment, Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Breathwork Guide.

Most people know me as Rave. I love supporting conscious humans to connect to the most deep, vulnerable parts of yourself + support you to receive the healing, motivation and power to get your life moving in the direction of your dreams.





I'm Ravyn Reid.

Empowerment, Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Breathwork Guide.

Most of you know me as Rave! I love supporting conscious humans like you to connect to the most deep, vulnerable parts of yourself (where the gold is) + support you to receive the breakthroughs, healing and inspiration to get your life moving in the direction of your dreams.


+ Masters Degree of Science of Communication Sciences & Disorders (Studies in: Human Development , Psychology, Emotional Regulation & Social Communication)

+ Mindset Coaching Certification

+ Hypnosis Practitioner

+ Neural Energetic Wiring Certification (Included: 
NLP, Somatic Techniques & T.I.M.E. techniques)

+ Neural Energetic Encoding Certification

+ Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping)

+ Speech Language Pathologist in Preschool, Elementary & Middle Schools for 7+ years

+ HypnoBreathwork Certification and Founding Coach for MastryApp

+ Conscious Connected Breathwork Certification

+ Breathwork & Cold Exposure Certification 

+ Podcast Host of the Heart Led Revolution Podcast

+ 200HR Yoga Teacher Training

+ Reiki Levels 1 & 2

+ 25HR Yoga for Autism & Special Needs Certification





  A devotional journey for monthly LIVE breathwork ceremonies, empowerment & sisterhood.


1:1 Mentorship

  4- Month mentorship for the woman ready to dive deep into devotion + emerge feeling more confident, transformed & empowered.


Online Courses

   Specially crafted online courses on self-love, empowerment, money, mindset, embodiment and self-expression.



Rave is such an expander for me! When I first came across her Instagram I was drawn to her loving, gentle spirit and knew that I had found her for a reason. I felt so seen and held in our container and trusted her fully despite having just met her virtually. She guided us through a 2-month breathwork and cacao journey which for me was a deep journey of emotional purging and forgiveness to self love. Through group coaching as well as one on one support via Voxer, I felt her loving presence and guidance throughout the course. since then, I feel like I’ve cracked open in a way that wasn’t possible before because my heart was guarded. Rave has a superpower for expanding hearts, making people embody their worthiness and own their power - I’m so grateful that I found her.

Liz W.

  The most exciting result was witnessing the lack of worthiness that lived in my mind. Rave showed me in a loving way how to work through this. Her embodiment and breathwork journey’s helped me move past that belief and into my ultimate power. I discovered so much power within myself!
Before meeting Rave, I felt stuck in my business, unable to use my voice & doubtful about my talents. As I went through her program, I started getting more clients & allowed myself to live up to my dreams. I opened my heart to people I had closed it to and to new humans as well. I cannot say enough about her program and her courage to open up this space to help us humans heal and realize our power.

  Janette D.

My goal in working with Rave was to feel more CONFIDENCE from within myself in order to show up in my coaching business.
After working with Rave I can confidently say I was able to feel more empowered in my own coaching and could truly feel my confidence and power coming from within (rather than external sources).
This was evident when I started showing up more on social media and devoting more time to my business.
Rave also helped me work through mindset blocks fast and provided me with new refreshing ways to think about problems that used to hold me back.
If someone is on the fence about investing in a mentorship, I would remind them that it is an investment in their own personal growth - and how can you put a price tag on that?!
There will always be something positive to gain from a mentorship and it can only put you further ahead to set you up for success. I don’t regret putting money into something that can only enhance my life!

Ali N.

I have been working privately with Rave for over a year now. I also attended her Sayulita Mexico Breathwork Retreat!
Breathwork has seriously changed my life!! Doing this practice consistently helped me regulate my emotions and nervous system. I used to be such an anxious person. Now that I practice breathwork, I feel I have a completely different mindset. I don't stress out so easily or get triggered as easily. I made the leap to go per diem in my job, which I have been wanting to have more free time in my life. I've been saying YES to experiences that I've been wanting to do but was always to scared to try.
Since working with Rave I have noticed a big difference in myself! I'm more confident, accepting, brave and unapologetic about my decisions + I have a deeper understanding of myself! I highly recommend working with Rave and committing to breathwork! You’ll learn more about yourself and up-level in all aspects of your life - money, relationships, confidence, etc!

Nikki D.





  A place to explore how to heal, express and lead from the heart. Here we will have the real and raw conversations that promote healing and breakthroughs, through vulnerability and connection, and the tools and tips needed to help you transcend to your highest potential.






Grow an intimate relationship with money so that you can deepen in trust to create more wealth & impact on this planet.



  Get clear on what you desire + create the life of your dreams through the power of HypnoBreathwork, visualization and empowerment practices with Rave.





I'm here to help you heal your heart and remind you how powerful you are.